Laminated Diaries hard cover/ Padded

Laminated Diaries. The Lamination process applies a clear plastic film to printed pieces. The clear film can be glossy or matte.

Printed pieces are laminated to protect them from stains, smudges, moisture, grease, tears and anything else that might shorten their useful life. In addition to protection, print lamination adds strength and rigidity.

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Benefits of Laminated Diaries

Durability and Protection

In addition to protection, print lamination adds strength and rigidity.

One of the main benefits of lamination is that it significantly increases the durability of a cover and protects it from the elements. The finish will help to prevent it from becoming worn or torn and will act as an extra protective layer. Spill water on your laminated diary cover and you’ll simply be able to wipe it off. The lamination will also help to prevent dirt and fingerprints from readers’ hands transferring to your book’s cover.

It is also a practical alternative to having a separately printed dust jacket.

Enhanced colour depth

You may have noticed that when you have your photos printed on gloss paper, the colours look more vivid than when they’re printed on matte paper. The principle is the same for lamination, helping to enrich the tones of your printed product and make the colours more vibrant.

Quality feel

Alternatively, if longevity is your main goal then an anti-scuff lamination is the perfect choice. Resistant to scratches, tears and other incidental damage, this tough and durable finish will help your printed product look great for longer. Finishing your book off with a laminated cover will give it a feel of quality.

Increased strength

As lamination makes the cover thicker and stiffer, it will instantly make it stronger. This will reduce the chances of the cover being torn or bent accidentally and should help the product to look new for as long as possible. 

Diary Branding Lamination

Printing that is handled frequently is often laminated, such as restaurant and bar menus, price lists, maps, educational materials, bookmarks, membership cards, etc. Lamination is also recommended for printed pieces used in dirty or damp environments such as machinery warnings and operating instructions, safety and emergency signage, factory rules, reusable tags, etc.

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